The Legacy Games Story Trailer

          The Legacy Games Gameplay Trailer


The Legacy Games is a turn based tactical RPG set in a dark medieval fantasy world. Players will recruit, train and command a company of warriors to face difficult challenges in the most prestigious tournament in all the lands. Experiment with party compositions in an innovative turn based tactical design and discover new combos and synergies between party members. Players will also experience a dark tale of greed, conflict and survival, as you progress, every decision made will have minor or major consequences. 

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Turn Based Tactical Combat Like Never Seen Before

Enemies employ different and unique abilities that require players to have the correct team setups and positioning on the battlefield to overcome.



Brutally challenging boss fights

Each boss fight is unique in mechanics and gameplay, look out for aoes, unique adds and attack patterns. Don't stand in the fire!


Six unique and fully customizable classes

Choose from six unique classes with distinct play styles to make up your team; fully customizable with abilities, perks and gear. Each class has four abilities and two perks which players can pick from a pool of abilities to suit their playstyle and setup.


Unique rewards and game changing loot

Tons of loot to pick and choose from; high end gear augment and enhance your playstyle.


Dynamic weather

Spells affect the state of the weather and vice versa. Fire spells heat up the weather and generate a thundercloud, enhancing all Lightning spells. Cold spells cool the weather creating a blizzard that freezes everyone on the battlefield.


Red Rock Softworks

We are an Indie Studio based in Melbourne, Australia currently working on The Legacy Games, a brutally challenging turn based tactical RPG.

At Red Rock, we are hardcore gamers ourselves and are fan of games like Dark Souls, Blizzard Games, Bethesda Games, MOBAs and MMOs. Our vision is to create the best Tactical RPG for gamers.